The Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test is the first and only FDA-cleared oral fluid drug test for the 9 most requested drugs of abuse.


  • 3 easy-step procedure
  • Collection in 5 minutes
  • Non-invasive, dignified collections

Proven Accuracy

  • Positivity rates that outperform urine drug testing
  • Confirmations performed with the gold standard LC-MS-MS

Trusted and Reliable

  • FDA-cleared device with the 9 most requested drugs of abuse assays
  • #1 recognized brand in oral fluid drug testing
  • Over 100 million tests have been performed in workplace, criminal justice, drug treatment, healthcare, schools and more .

Proven clinical laboratory accuracy

SAMHSA Drug PanelUrine AnalysisOral Fluid
Overall positive rate4.8%9.1%

Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test assays also include Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Methadone.

Inquire with OraSure regarding additional drug tests that may be available through our laboratory partners.

Oral fluid lab-based testing has been outperforming and outpacing urine-lab-based testing since 2009 and now nearly doubling the positivity rates in 2015.

Even more impressive, oral fluid can detect recent drug use making it a first choice for “Under the Influence” or “Potential Impairment” testing especially in states that have legalized marijuana.

Data on file. 1 Quest Diagnostics 2010-2015 Drug Testing Indexes.

Trusted and reliable drug testing that streamlines your program

Eliminate urine collection hassles

  • Non-invasive procedure – collect anytime, anywhere
  • No gender specific collection personnel or bathrooms needed
  • Expedited collections saving time and money

Eliminate drug test cheating

  • Easily observed collection eliminates substitution and additives
  • Dilution tactics and adulteration products are ineffective

Safeguard legal defensibility

  • Testing programs are available that include the services of a certified medical review officer
  • Proven chain-of-custody procedures
  • Comprehensive donor inclusion process eliminates potential specimen integrity challenges