• For in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Follow proper handling and disposal procedures.

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that “Universal precautions do not apply to feces, nasal secretions, sputum, sweat, tears, urine and vomitus unless they contain visible blood.”, the use of gloves is recommended for handling all specimens and is good hygienic practice. The CLIA Waived Drug Test Cup test device may be disposed of in a regular trash receptacle without any special handling.

Do not use if foil pouch seal is not intact (seal broken, tears, holes, etc)


Do not use if beyond the expiration date printed on the pouch. The expiration date is formatted as YYYY-MM, e.g. 2019-03 means the kits should not be used after end of March, 2019.


The CLIA Waived Drug Test Cup should be stored at room temperature (59° to 86° F or 15° to 30° C).