The OralStat device should be stored at room temperature
(59°- 86° F or 15°-30° )

Verify Expiration Date Is Valid On Front of Pouch

Do not use beyond expiration date


Indicates when the product is due to expire. Example 2017/10 means the product will expire at the end of October 2017

The ABMC lot number is an alphanumeric digit that references the batch of devices manufactured together



Before beginning verify that all necessary materials are present

  1. Collection swab:
    Each collection swab has three untreated medical grade absorbent fiber sponges compressed into discs that will expand during collection
  2. The Test Device:
    Consists of a test slide containing two individual test channels each with reagent strips
  3. Product Instructions
  4. Donor ID Labels
  5. Tamper Evident Seals