Use fresh urine specimens. Urine specimens do not require any special handling or pretreatment. It is best to test urine specimens immediately after collection. If necessary, urine specimens may be refrigerated at 36° to 36° F (2° to 8° C) for two days or frozen at -4°F (-20°C) or cooler for longer periods. If freezing, do not use the Rapid TOX Cup II to collect or store the urine specimen. If refrigerated, allow the specimen to warm up to room temperature before conducting any testing.

Instruct the donor to provide an adequate urine specimen.

A temperature strip is attached to the Rapid TOX Cup II. For fresh urine specimens a reading between 90°-100° F (32°-38° C) is considered a viable specimen. The temperature should be read within four (4) minutes and is indicated by a green dot. If the temperature strip remains black, erroneous results may occur. Results are stable for four (4) hours.

Use of gloves is recommended for handling all specimens and is good hygienic practice.

The Rapid TOX Cup II test device may be disposed of in a regular trash receptacle.

Avoid contact with skin.

Avoid cross-contamination or urine specimens by using a new container for each urine specimen.