Rapid Drug Screen (RDS®) is a multi-drug urine based point of collection test that can detect 2-10 drugs per panel in 3-5 minutes.

Product Features

  • Temperature strip on collection cup
  • Clear collection cup: visual inspection
  • Tamper-proof: test device never touched by donor
  • Closed specimen cup: insert test card through patented slot
  • No timing: control line indicator
  • Typically ready in about 3 minutes
  • Results stable up to 60 minutes
  • Re-sealable packaging for leak proof disposal
  • Alternative low volume/ pipetting method
  • Cost-effective option: Card only
  • >99% correlation to GC/MS
  • Tested over 500 compounds: no cross-reactivity at 100,000 ng/mL
  • US FDA Cleared & CE Mark Certified