Rapid TOX is a simple, visually read test that detects recent drug use by either dropping a urine specimen into the cassette sample pads or by dipping the device directly into a specimen.

Product Features

  • Cost Effective
  • Simple to Use
  • Multiple Protocols, Dip or Pipette
  • Tamper-Proof Test Device
  • Control Line Indicates Read Time
  • Results Ready in Three To Five (3-5) Minutes
  • Two to Ten (2-10) Drugs per Panel
  • Multiple Drug Combinations
  • Multiple Cut-off Options
  • Built in Procedural Control
  • >99% Correlation to GC/MS at 95% Confidence Level
  • Colloidal Gold Technology Means Superior Sensitivity, Accuracy & Precision
  • Tested for Cross-Reactivity Against Over 550 Compounds
  • US FDA (510k) Cleared for Commercial Distribution