1. Verify the foil pouch is intact. Verify the product is within the expiration date as indicated on the pouch.
  2. Remove the Rapid TOX Cup II from the foil pouch just prior to collection.
  3. Provide the donor with the Rapid TOX Cup II device and device cover.
  4. Instruct the donor to provide adequate specimen volume. Urine level must be above the minimum fill line printed on the Rapid TOX Cup II.
  5. Upon receipt of the specimen and within four (4) minutes, read the temperature strip to ensure it is between 90° and 100° F (32° – 38° C
  6. The test strips in the Rapid TOX Cup II will begin running once urine is introduced into the cup. Keep the Rapid TOX Cup II in an upright position or place on a flat surface.
  7. Allow the test to proceed undisturbed until all reddish-purple control lines appear and the test background clears. The control line is the uppermost line in each channel in the test area. Once all control lines are visible the tests are ready to be interpreted, typically this occurs in three to five minutes.
  8. Read results as explained under Interpretation of Results (next page).