The Rapid Drug Screen® (RDS®) is a one-step lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of drug analytes in urine.

All configurations of the Rapid Drug Screen are intended for use in the qualitative detection of one or more of the following drugs of abuse in human urine:

AMPAmphetamines1,000 ng/ml*
BARBarbiturates300 ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepine300 ng/ml
COCCocaine300 ng/ml*
MDMAEcstasy100 ng/ml
MTDMethadone300 ng/ml
METHMethamphetamine1,000 ng/ml
OPIOpiates300 ng/ml or 2,000 ng/ml*
OXYOxycodone100 ng/ml
PCPPhencyclidine25 ng/ml*
THCCannabinoids50 ng/ml*
TCATricyclics1000 ng/ml