Rapid TOX Cup® II is an in vitro diagnostic point of collection testing device that incorporates collection and testing of drugs of abuse in human urine specimens.

Rapid TOX Cup II can test up to 15 different drugs of abuse simultaneously in 3-5 minutes.

Rapid TOX Cup II detects the following drugs of abuse at these cut-off levels:

AMPAmphetamines500 ng/ml or 1,000 ng/ml*
BARBarbiturates300 ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepine300 ng/ml
BUPBuprenorphine12.5 ng/ml
COCCocaine150 ng/ml or 300 ng/ml*
MDMAEcstasy/MDMA500 ng/ml or 1000 ng/ml*
METHMethamphetamine500 ng/ml or 1,000 ng/ml*
OPIOpiates300 ng/ml or 2,000 ng/ml*
OXYOxycodone100 ng/ml
PCPPhencyclidine25 ng/ml*
PPXPropoxyphene300 ng/ml
THCCannabinoids50 ng/ml*
TCATricyclic Antidepressants1000 ng/ml

*Screening cut-off concentration recommended by Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).