RDS® InCup® is a multi-drug, urine based point of collection test that incorporates collection and testing of up to 12 drugs in less than 5 minutes.

RDS InCup is intended for the qualitative detection of these drugs at the following levels:

AMPAmphetamines1,000 ng/ml
BARBarbiturates300 ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepine300 ng/ml
COCCocaine150 ng/ml or 300 ng/ml
MDMAEcstasy1000 ng/ml
MTDMethadone300 ng/ml
METHMethamphetamine1,000 ng/ml
OPIOpiates300 ng/ml or 2,000 ng/ml
OXYOxycodone100 ng/ml
PCPPhencyclidine25 ng/ml
PPXPropoxyphene300 ng/ml
THCCannabinoids50 ng/ml
TCATricyclics1000 ng/ml

*Cutoff concentrations are at the SAMHSA recommended levels wherever applicable.