Rapid TOX Cup® II (2nd Gen) is a point of collection urine drug test that integrates collection and testing in a single device. The cup can house both single or multi drug test strips, each able to test up to four drugs, allowing the simultaneous detection of up to 14 drugs of abuse.

Rapid TOX Cup II (2nd Gen) is for professional use only. Although Rapid TOX Cup II has been shown to have a 99% correlation to the GC/MC laboratory test at a 95% confidence level, Rapid TOX Cup II results are considered preliminary, and positive results should be confirmed in a laboratory by an accepted reference method such as GC/MS. Rapid TOX Cup II results are qualitative and do not indicate the quantity of drug in a urine sample; rather it only indicates the absence or presence of drugs above or below certain cut-off levels.

Rapid TOX Cup II detects the following drugs of abuse at these cut-off levels:

AMPAmphetamines500 ng/ml or 1,000 ng/ml*
BARBarbiturates300 ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepines300 ng/ml
BUPBuprenorphine12.5 ng/ml
COCCocaine150* or 300 ng/ml
MDMAEcstasy500* or 1000 ng/ml
MTDMethadone300 ng/ml
METHMethamphetamines500* or 1000 ng/ml
OPIOpiates300* or 2,000** ng/ml
OXYOxycodone100 ng/ml
PCPPhencyclidine25* ng/ml
PPXPropoxyphene300** ng/ml
THCMarijuana50* ng/ml
TCATricyclic Antidepressants1000** ng/ml

*Screening cut-off concentration recommended by Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

**Assay is available on special order.

Additional detection options include: K2 (synthetic marijuana), ETG (alcohol test), Fentanyl, Tramadol and SVT (specimen validity test for sample adulteration) . Please contact American Bio Medica for more information. These additional assays are for forensic use only.