Detection Times
AMPAmphetamines2-4 days
BARBarbiturates2-4 days
BZOBenzodiazepineUp to 2 weeks
BUPBuprenorphine2-3 days
COCCocaine1-3 days
MDMAEcstasy2-4 days
METHMethamphetamine1-2 days
OPIOpiates1-3 days
OXYOxycodone1-3 days
PCPPhencyclidine3-8 days
PPXPropoxyphene1-3 days
THCCannabinoidsInfrequent Use: 2-5 days
Moderate Use: 10-15 days
Chronic/Heavy Use: 1 month
TCATricyclic Antidepressants5-7 days


Dispose of urine specimens according to established protocols. The Rapid TOX Cup II device can be disposed of in a regular trash receptacle without any special handling.