The testing cup may include a specimen validity test strip for the detection of up to 6 adulterants. Please refer to the color chart included in your box of testing cups as colors may vary from lot to lot. The adulterant (specimen validity) pads must be read at the test read time listed in the color chart as the colors may change. Pad colors that change to a color NOT found listed in the normal range are to be read as abnormal.

An Example of a CLIA Waived Drug Test Cup With 3 Pad Adulterant Strip:

Compare the ‘OXI’ strip for oxidants to the color chart above and notice that the ‘OXI’ strip color within the spectrum of ‘Normal’ and is not found under the ‘Abnormal’ column of the chart. Therefore, this specimen result is ‘Normal’. If the color of the pad is not found on the chart under the column ‘Abnormal’ it defaults to a ‘Normal’ reading. Please note that the colors on your computer screen may not match the colors on the actual chart included with your product as colors may appear differently on different computer screens.