Q: What does American Bio Medica Corporation (ABMC) do?
A: American Bio Medica Corporation develops, manufactures and markets inexpensive, accurate, point of collection drugs-of-abuse test kits and support services worldwide. ABMC also provides contract manufacturing services.


Q: What are ABMC's products?
A: ABMC’s Rapid Drug Screen®, Rapid ONE®, RDS® InCup®, Rapid TOX® and Rapid TOX Cup® II are rapid, point of collection tests that detect the presence or absence of drug of abuse in urine. The OralStat® is a rapid, point of collection tests that detect the presence or absence of drugs of abuse in oral fluids (saliva). ABMC’s Rapid Reader® is a compact, portable device that, when connected to any computer, interprets the results of an ABMC drug screen, and sends the results to a data management system, enabling the test administrator to easily manage their drug testing program.


Q: When was ABMC founded?
A: American Bio Medica Corporation (formerly American Micro Media Inc) was founded in 1992.


Q: When was ABMC incorporated?
A: ABMC was originally incorporated in April 1986 in New York as American Micro Media Inc. The company changed its name to American Bio Medica Corporation in September 1992.


Q: What is ABMC's fiscal year?

A: ABMC’s fiscal year is based upon the calendar year.

Q1 January 1 through March 31
Q2 April 1 through June 30
Q3 July 1 through September 30
Q4 October 1 through December 31

Q: What is ABMC's cusip number(s)?
A: The ABMC common share cusip number is 024600108.


Q: How do I invest In ABMC?

A: ABMC securities can be purchased through any retail brokerage firm. The Company does not currently have a direct purchase program.

Q: Does ABMC issue dividends on its common shares?
A: ABMC does not issue dividends, choosing instead to reinvest future earnings, if any, to finance the growth of the business.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or need information regarding my shares?
A: Computershare, our transfer agent, maintains all of our shareholder records. The transfer agent is available to assist with the replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates as well as changes of address or certificate holder information.

For Regular Delivery:
Computershare, Inc.
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940

For Overnight Delivery:
Computershare, Inc.
250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021



Q: Who is ABMC's independent auditors?


Q: How do I contact ABMC's Investor Relations Department?
A: There are several ways to contact ABMC’s Investor Relations Department:

Mail: American Bio Medica Corporation
122 Smith Road
Kinderhook, New York 12106
Attn: Investor Relations

Phone: 800-227-1243/ 518-758-8158, Ext. 4
Facsimile: 518-758-8171